How Amtrak Saved $1 Million: 5 Examples of Successfully Launched Chatbots

According to HubSpot 55% of buyers confirmed that they would prefer to communicate with the companies through their messengers. 40% does not care if robot or human talks to them when they get what they need. 37% of respondents would prefer to buy goods from company’s Facebook page rather than their website.

The statistics show how social media industry grows and how people stop being afraid to interact with robots. The Terminator didn’t teach us a thing and it may be for the best!

Chatbot is economically beneficial way to use social media and messengers to improve company service or increase sales. Some bots and virtual consultants have been existing just for several weeks but others have brought sufficient profit to their creators.

How can You Benefit from Using Chatbots and Virtual Consultants?

Chatbots for messengers and virtual consultants for website or application efficiently solve relevant business problems: you pay for setting the soft up and after it communicates with thousands of users at once. Mostly chatbots are used for:

  • Information/product searching;
  • Order taking;
  • Client consulting;
  • Ticket/hotel/table booking;
  • Business reports drawing.

These are the main ways of using chatbots.

We prepared for you four case studies of successfully launched chatbots that then brought their companies profit, conversion and client loyalty.

Chatbot Julie from Amtrak

Amtrak is highly loaded transport company that provides transportation to people all around the USA. Our team thinks that virtual consultant on Amtrak website is very smart and beautifully designed. No wonder, it managed to save more than 1 million of company’s budget.

What does it do? Julie provides a full navigation throughout the website. It answers the questions and looks for the shortest route to the requested destination. If you choose some route, bot transfers you to the page where you can book tickets. Julie is very wise, polite and useful lady that generated sufficient profit for its company.

Julie from Amtrak

Chatbot value. The company states that Julie launch has led to:

  • increase of booking by 25%;
  • $1 million saved on customer service;
  • 50% growth in year-to-year user’s communication with Julie;
  • 30% increase of revenue from online ticket booking.

Expensify Chatbot

Expensify created a virtual assistant Concierge. The company develops software to help users control their expenses. It has wide functionality from counting spends of one person to reporting and controlling company expenses. But users had some difficulties setting up the software, so Expensify created Concierge.

What does it do? Chatbot Concierge meets potential clients at the moment they open Expensify application. It helps them to go through all stages of app setting. For example, Concierge writes you when you first open the application, it gives you tips how to create account and add contacts, help to analyze the effectiveness of you work in the app.

You can talk to Concierge in company’s application, on the website or integrate it with the corporate messenger Slack. We also tried the virtual consultant and can say that it’s good!

Concierge from Expensify

Chatbot value. The company representatives state that Concierge helped them to:

  • reduce bank problem by 75%;
  • increase number of subscribers to a trial version of the software in 5 times.

Facebook Messenger Assistant and AI-powered Robot from 1–

This company is the leader of gift industry in USA. It launched the first chatbot for Facebook Messenger in 2016 and it is still functioning. In 2017, they also launched the beta version of AI-powered bot called Gwyn.

What does 1– Assistant do? It is a simple but distinct bot for Facebook Messenger. It asks you what you need, offers variants, takes orders for delivery. If the assistant cannot answer, it connects you with the real consultant.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Chatbot value. This assistant increased the number of orders by 6% in just two months, 70% of these orders came from new users. The chatbot became popular among millennial.

What does smart assistant GWYN do? It was launched in 2017. Now you can check the beta version on 1–800-Flowers website, and also test it with the help of Amazon Alexa. GWYN is quite fast in choosing variants of the gifts on 1– according to the type of event and your requests. It is only studying but already can provide some help. First out requests misguided her but in the end we came to full understanding.

AI-powered GWYN

AI-chatbot value. In 4 month GWYN managed to:

  • quadruple website traffic (it is possible that some people just wanted to meet GWYN);
  • increase company revenue by 6,3%.

Chatbot Grizzly Digital Company

This is our child, that has already brought positive results. We use GrizzlySEOBot in Telegram as it is our corporate messenger, but it can be integrated in any application that supports chatbots. Our chatbot is constantly keeping SEO specialists and customers informed about the progress of their website promotion: current ranking of search engines, traffic growth and other relevant statistics.

What does it do? A customer gets access to the certain data, after that he can request any statistics on his project including ranking, traffic, data from Google Analytics. It releases our account managers from the working load as the project statistics is available to clients 24/7 upon their request. The statistics is collected and sent to customers automatically without the involvement of our specialist.

The bot itself sends notifications about changes in site ranking, as well as the new requests that came from contact form on the website.


Chatbot value. We have used the bot for a year and have offered it to our customers. During this time we:

  • increased the usage of the bot among customers up to 65%;
  • saved over 600 working hours of account managers;
  • increased the lifetime value of customer (LTV) by 40%, as the customers see the work progress and stay with us.


Just imagine: the client can choose and order a bunch of flowers for his better half without leaving the messenger. He does not need to think where to find necessary information on the website: he can just send the question to the virtual bot assistant and it automatically transfers the customer to the relevant page.

Remember, your clients are not interested in chatbots, they want to achieve their aim with minimum possible effort and interaction.

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