Chatbots for business: when entertainment becomes one of the marketing instruments

According to the statistics, nowadays approximately 1 billion of people use Facebook all over the world. The majority spends there even more than 20 hours a month.

The question is: how to imply this knowledge to your business more effectively?

At least, you should offer your customers to get information they need the most comfortable way they used to see it: “Fast” & “Straight”.

Why nowadays SMM is so urgent for your business?

Why nowadays Social Media Marketing is so urgent for your business
Why nowadays SMM is so urgent for your business?
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Did you ever try to lead groups in Social Media and carry out any raffles? Hence, you've already understood how important this function is for your successful business.

If you are still in two minds about SMM as one of the effective methods of informing and attracting your customers so here are some facts to prove it.

Due to SMM you can:

  • define easily your potential client's interests and optimize your cooperation;
  • increase your sales on the Internet by advertising your goods or services;
  • hire staff you need in short period of time with the help of Social Media;
  • cope with all negative reviews easily answering all the disputed issues immediately;
  • provide your customers with online consultation;
  • gain traffic to your website.

How chatbots simplify your work with auditory on Social Media?

Chatbots simplify your work with auditory on Social Media
Chatbots simplify your work with auditory on Social Media
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For getting more benefits from work with Social Media audience the market leaders imply chatbots, because:

1.It is convenient for the user.

There is no need in downloading your mobile  app or calling sales manager, if there is a bot in favorite Social network where you are free to send a message and ask for help and it will answer you fast and straight, will also help you to make a choice, order it and even pay for it. Does it sound fantastic? Fortunately, it's true.

For instance, a good example of using bots in e-commerce is a shopping bot named Spring. Before starting online-shopping the bot asks what a customer is looking for and offers relevant options to choose. You are free to choose from clothes, shoes and accessories categories. The bot shows all pictures with links for these goods and a customer can easily buy it using their gadgets.

Shopping bot named Spring
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Just a couple of months ago a perfect innovation from Uber cooperation with Facebook was presented to the world. Now Uber has a chat bot which you can write to in your Facebook messenger and hire a ride without downloading its main app. But the biggest advantage of using this bot is that you can also add your friends that are going to ride with you to this chat in order they were able to see the location of moving car.

Uber cooperation with Facebook
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2. Chatbots reduce manager's burden.

Also you can hold a raffle or announce new sales directly to your customers without paying for each sms.

In some cases chatbots can even replace specialists in different spheres: wedding consultants, trainers, psychologists. We can not compare such kind of help with real people's help, but still it can cover many minor issues. But anyway while communicating with a bot the user gets more useful information and opportunities than reading only your site's information.

Another example is Spixii-chat bot that was created to make insurance process easier. Just in few minutes communication with the bot a customer gets those variant of insurance that is the most suitable for him even without filling any forms.

Uber cooperation with Facebook

3. Chatbots also let you to get partnership's profit.

The idea is that you develop and start a bot which advertises your partner's products if such were requested: gives a list of goods from online-shop or shows shop's location and provides with links to certain resources. Thereby the user finds that he needs, your partner gets new customers and you just make a partner's profit.

Chatbots let you to get partnership's profit
Chatbots let you to get partnership's profit
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To sum up, using chatbots you may lower your manager's load and provide your clients with a new user-friendly way of interacting with your business. Thus, you'll also demonstrate that you are moving with the times and doing all your best to make your company more convenient for customers. You'll save your time and increase your income.

Chatbots are not only the way of entertaining your customers but also a major source of earnings on a par with leading Social Media groups and Search Engine Optimization of your Website.

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